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Britters Jean<3
25 December
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My name's Brittney.I'm not one for nick names but I have a few I tolerate. Britt, Britters, Britters Jean...you know basic ones. I am nineteen years old. I am a christmas baby. Yea it sucks. If I was shallow and materialistic I'd be pissed. But I'm not...so when people forget my birthday and stuff I don't care. I live in RI. I have for most of my life. Minus the year I called Virginia my home. Furthermore I have lived in pretty much every city/town in RI. But alas I have resided in West Warwick for about nine years now. Lots of history.

I am engaged. No wedding anytime soon. We're still so young and have a lot to work on, but nonetheless I am in love and very happy. His name is Jeff and he's wonderful. Perfect. Chances are you'll be jealous of our love. Deal. If you don't like him, if you think I deserve better, or you think we won't make it...hold your tongue. Because quite frankly I could careless about what others think of us.

I have a best friend. She's my life. Known her for about nine years. And basically...no one compares. Through thick and thin she's been there and no amount of words could ever sum up our friendship. I have lots of other best friends and I could go on and on but hey, they know how I feel so I won't bore you with it.

I'm a deep person. Its probably one thing most known about me. I'm really sensitive and I think about everything way too much.That can be a plus or a minus. Depends on if it brings on paranoia or optimism. I like to write my thoughts down in poetry. (I'm also writing a novel. I hope to be a published best selling author one day). Or create stories like fan fiction and stuff. I also like to express myself through graphic design and photography. I want to major in web design. You can see my work pretty much everywhere on this myspace. I also like art and theater. I have seen three musicals now. My dream is to see CATS on broadway. Cause yea, I am obsessed with cats.

The love of my life is my Hannah. Or Hanface. Don't know where that nick name erupted but it did. She's my cat. My best friend. Im not ashamed to admit I have an odd obsession with her. And I really have no idea what I'll do without her. I loveeeee cats. I have studied them for years. Call me crazy but hey, its a big interest of mine. My favorite animal is the snow leopard. Beautifullll. I love all animals really minus spiders and most insects. I like snakes and lizards. I want an iguana wicked bad. I like saying wicked too.

I have two fish. They are fatties. My dad has an odd obsession with them. My orange parrot fish hates everyone except my dad. He's an angsty little fish and launches his fat ass at you if you come near the tank. The algea eater just chills at the bottom most of the time. He's an emo fish that hates his life and sings about how the pretty angel fish broke his heart and how he never fits in. *cough* ahh I sense I've gone too far with this one.

I like paintings. Anything odd and cool looking. I have a phantom of the opera neon light that I think is the shit. You suck if you disagree. I also like cheetah print a lot. And collecting capricorn things. I collect TY beanie babies and pokemon cards. Why you ask? Cause I can't let go of my sixth grade obsession. Ahah. Im a sucker for stuffed animals. I'll spend whacky amounts of money at the crane machines in warwick mall. And I'd gladly give up gas money for a cheetah plushie that costs 60$ and then let it sit in the corner of my room and collect dust. Why? Cause its cute.

I wish I was good at photography. Really I do. Because I love it. Its so expressive and just...ah I love it. I also like music. Music is pretty much life. I listen to just about anything. Rap isn't my forte but some of its good. As long as they aren't singing about slapping a bitch up the ass and stuff. Im good. Im mainly an emo indie person. Though I hate labels. My favorite band is Taking Back Sunday or/and The Spill Canvas. Pretty much any music that has meaning. Or is thought provoking. I sing. Decently. So don't be surprised if I randomly bust out in some songs.

I'm not arrogant. Insecure little brat is more like it. I'll never admit I've done anything good, or that I am attractive whats so ever. Sure I have nice eyes. But I don't find anything special about me. I'm fat. You'll have to deal with it. I'm working on it. I have anemia and a condition that doesn't allow me to have children. Thats pretty cool. I hate kids.

I'm opinionated. I don't back down easily. But I'm pretty open minded. And I'm really a sincere person. I have a good heart and I am very selfless. I'd give a stranger the shirt off my back if I had to. I am a big supporter of gay marriage, pro choice, and freedom of speech. I hate politics. I don't believe in god but I am not an atheist. Just someone that choses not to involve religion with life. I don't like being judged but I am smart enough to know it will happen regardless of who I am. Someone sometime will hate something about me.

I don't drink or smoke on a regular basis. I don't do drugs. Tried it once, probably never again. I drink on occasion but nothing big. I'm not straight edge but I'm not addicted. I think people take it too far on both sides. People need to chill and relax. Because your missing out on some good life. And trust me when all is said in done, life is pretty freakin amazing.

I lost my brother to drugs when I was 5. I lost my mom when I was 13.Its been rough but I deal. I think I made it pretty well. Sure, I am a second year senior drop out and I am unemployeed. But hey, I'm smarter than half those kids that walked the stage...and I make more money doing web pages than half my friends that work. Fate works in mysterious ways. Whatcha gonna do.

I am a big comedy buff. Love stand up. Im a sarcastic little girl. And I tend to make people laugh a lot. I'm shy but once I get comfy, I don't shut up. And chances are I'll have you pissing your pants laughing. I love george carlin. End of story. You want to see a wise, down to earth guy...watch one of his specials. It will change your life.

I like penguins. I hate shopping. I buy most of my clothing at Old Navy or Dots. I shop at wallmart. Im propably way cooler than you for doing so. I have nice hair. I like system of the down and korn. I like snow globes too. My best friend writes messages with permanent marker on conditioner bottles, cause she is wicked awesome. I am so a fourth meal eater. Yay taco bell.I go to the movies every friday. Its like a ritual. I also go to the zoo every easter. Tradition. And if your from RI and don't know what the washington county fair is, kill yourself.

I like quotes. I'm probably overthinking everything you say to me. I never answer my phone but I give out my number like a bandit. Maybe I feel cool. Who knows. I like making mistakes, admitting them, doing them again...and maybe finally learning from them. I'm an empath. I have visions at times. I have this thing called shock trauma. I can analyze dreams. I like astrology. I love video games and arcades. I like cars. I have a dodge neon. Your jealous I know. Yay for dodge and chevy, Fuck Ford. But Mr. Tasca is cool.

I like Andy Milinokis. He is my hero. I also think sponge bob square pants is better than anything. I still watch disney and nickleodeon. I'm obsessed with the lionking. I wanted to grow up to me Nala. I was a disturbed child. I know more HTML than I know what to do with. I like shirts that say "J is for Jesus". I also like any movie, story, or shirt that makes fun of myspace. Because it really is taking over the world. Yay for Tom.

MTV is the devil. Yet I can't stop watching it. TV rots my brain. I like reading instead. Yay for FFVII advent children. I liked it better with the subtitles. I'm weird. I don't read anime or manga but by gosh I am obsessed with the anime era and japanese culture. Perhaps I am awesome for it.

I have a tire for a clock. No I'm serious. I got it at walmart on sale. Its way cooler than any other clock. I laugh out loud anytime I hear the word Pube. Jeff uses that to his advantage when I am mad. If you give me a stuffed animal or a flower, I will forgive you no matter what you did. I'm a dork, and I am proud. I think this is a long bio. Some cool people will read all of it. And I'll love you.

Ummm. Dane Cook is chill. Pepto bismal makes me throw up so is it an oxymoron? Does anyone else love Ms. Karspeck as much as me. Hell she inspired my username by pointing out "lie" is in believe. I once found a rat turd in a doritos bag. I still eat them. Shit happens. No pun intended.

I just made you laugh. Basically i kick so much ass I should come with a warning.


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