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» Friends Only, I don't add just anyone, we should have something in common at least.
» This journal is an escape from the drama of my latter one modestarrogance
» I won't be adding a lot of the people from my old journal, cause I need to move on.
» Do not add if you are a homophobe, racist, bigot, or negative all the time.
» You must comment here to be added.
» Taken, don't ask me to be your online lover. Sorry but this lady is no pimp.
» Check the userinfo first before you add, make sure I am someone you want to add.
» I am going to keep this journal emo free, if your emo all the time, dont add me.
» This journal will contain lots of picture and lyric posts. You've been warned.
» Lastly, I like Sqinoa, and Zinoa, if you don' don't flame around here yea?

Tags: banner, comment, friends only, warnings
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